Thursday, February 03, 2011

hi ho, off to school my son goes. tomorrow phew it has been a long school break.

ok, what have i been up to.    mmmmmmm lets see, um just stuff, nothing really trying to keep out of the heat, gee it has been hot, i hate the heat. the garden is looking good, nice and green, i finally got a way to get my pics off my camera,  bought a memory card reader, now i have to figure out how to use it.? it was cheaper then getting the camera sent away to get fixed, just $70- to send it away to japan, grrrrrr i would have rather had it fixed. apart from that nothing really - here is todays pic

this was on the wall in the hobart airport toilets. my trip home was not safe LOL, i forgot to pack the condoms. ha got a joke for ya

paddy and mick went to werribee for their holidays, there is only a shit farm there, or so they were told. 
so they set out to find some places to visit.....
they went into a pub and asked a guy at the bar what there was to do, 
he told them to go to the chemist and buy a packet of tampons.......
they did...

mick said to paddy, look here on the side of the pack it says 
we can go swimming, surfing, horse riding, play sport and go for a run.