Thursday, February 03, 2011

hi ho, off to school my son goes. tomorrow phew it has been a long school break.

ok, what have i been up to.    mmmmmmm lets see, um just stuff, nothing really trying to keep out of the heat, gee it has been hot, i hate the heat. the garden is looking good, nice and green, i finally got a way to get my pics off my camera,  bought a memory card reader, now i have to figure out how to use it.? it was cheaper then getting the camera sent away to get fixed, just $70- to send it away to japan, grrrrrr i would have rather had it fixed. apart from that nothing really - here is todays pic

this was on the wall in the hobart airport toilets. my trip home was not safe LOL, i forgot to pack the condoms. ha got a joke for ya

paddy and mick went to werribee for their holidays, there is only a shit farm there, or so they were told. 
so they set out to find some places to visit.....
they went into a pub and asked a guy at the bar what there was to do, 
he told them to go to the chemist and buy a packet of tampons.......
they did...

mick said to paddy, look here on the side of the pack it says 
we can go swimming, surfing, horse riding, play sport and go for a run.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

might just post a quick blog - funny word that blog?????

might just post a quick blog - funny word that blog????? dont know what it means i may have to google it, and you know what google means - it means infinity, there is no bigger number than a google, well thats what hubby tells me, and he thinks he know everything>>>>>>>>>

i am on a diet, so far it is working well, no pasta, potatoes, bread  and no high carb food. but it makes for tasteless eating, so i just pigged out on easy mac, while no one is home. LOL they wont know.

what can i jabber on about, i dont know so i will post a pic for you to see

this is me stuck in the mud last year in the enfield forest i was dared to go through it and we got stuck and had to get towed out, the mud just sucked me in, but it was fun up to our knees with mud. this was the day we nearly cleaned up some motorbike riders on the crest of a hill! they were hammering up the other side of the track, we could hear them but they couldn't hear us coming. could have killed them all, and as it turned out we knew them all. hubby says i should have been a man? cos i love driving and 4wdriving, shooting, golf, and fishing, and cars and all boy things. i can fix fences, drive anything, i have my semi license, bet you didnt know that? i have my chainsaw and gun licenses too. and i like beer..... i loathe cooking and housework, love dogs and horses.

my enter key is not working, looks like a another new keyboard is needed.

Brock has 7 stitches in his foot he stepped on a piece of tin the other night A 1.30am trip to the hospital, he was with friends so they took him. i am taking him to the doc on Monday cos he cant move his big toe. first time he had had stitches in his life, never had a broken bone either, touch wood he doesn't. after all the motor biks and paddock bomb stacks he has had its a wonder nothing has been broken, i have taken him to emergency on many occasions since he was 7 and taught himself to drive in a mini bus with the seat pulled forward and a manual gearbox. !! he has had so many motor bikes over the years i have lost count i must go out the shed and count them, i reckon there would be 15 or more out there in bits n pieces. from 4 wheelers i know there is 3 of them, to pocket bikes to 250,s they are everywhere we have 4 sheds and there are bits of them all in each one. anyway i might be off see  you all again soon xoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hey guys, sorry i have not been a very good blogger, smack smack......

ther have been so many things happening it is even hard for me to catch up on my life ATM, currently i am listening to Margaret Urlich after midnight. I have so much energy, hubby is asleep on the couch as usual. My son Dylan the personal trainer put me on a diet , seeing as i have been up to the gold coast to see him recently, and i am so full of energy, even after a few cans of VB i am still alive.. way to go Dylan.. I love you so much.

well see if i can remember what has been happening - well first off paul and myself went to the land of the banana benders for

man in the moon margaret urlich.........................

i love that song, sorry for the break, and between times the dogs got a muse in the kitchen.

a weekend of fishing and for, the first time we have been away together since we can ever remember either it is him and the kids and me stay home to look after the animals. anyway we went up there to go out deep sea fishing, and oh my it so awesome i have never been out in the open ocean b4 i need a new keyboard, this is shitting me to tears

the swell was at least 20 meters but i am not much of a judge of length or height etc, but when the boat lurched i could feel the water by just having my arm over the side  1 of the guys caught a dolphin fish, it was amazing the colors, just my colors, blues, purples. i cant share a piuc just yet cos brock broke my camera usb where it goes in the camera, just like he breaks everything else precious to me, those that know me will know this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway i am getting the music bug, sounds like i am about to get back to my own life, well lets see if i can, plz let me, i want to be released. from these shackles and  get back to me, it seems like it has been a long time since i have had me time, the 2 weeks i spent up qlkd on my own with dylan and alicia set me free.

oh and i went fishing every morning i could i have the fishing bug, i find it so relaxing, but busy as i am a busy person, cant sit still for a minute or two. i should be so skinny, ( I wish) thats enough blubber for tonight. thanks for reading,

unless the martians come take me away, you will hear from me again soon l will check u all out soon. xoxoxxo

i forgot to add a pic this is JETT, just after we got her, she is looking after the gun cabinet for us

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hope it stops raining on the gold coast

hi there, 2 days to go b4 we head to the gold coast to stay with Dylan and Alicia, so looking forward to it, we are going marlin fishing Sunday, just hoping it doesn't flood up there, they are 2 streets away from a canal and 2 streets from the sea. My cousin  Sylvia lives in Ipswich she says they will be fine  - fingers crossed for them.

It rained all day here, pissed me off no end. I can tell you. Smelly wet dogs, who want to sit under my chair and follow me around all day yuK. I had to put the clothes in the dryer, and will have to wash the floors again, muddy wet teenager size 11 feet and dog paws x 5 dogs equals 20 x about another 20 times they came inside, or missy opened the door and let them in. she's a cheeky girl hates to be away from mum for more than 2 seconds. the horses hid in the new shed we just put up, and one of them had a pooh down the side of the hilux LOL twas so funny.

for those of you who don't know i made a bit of an investment in some $2- shop stuff, i needed to either get a job or do something - so i chose the do something thing. i am doing markets with the goodies, i have craft, kitchen, car, pet toys, bird cages, ornaments, jewellery and findings, make-up, hair ties, beads etc etc. they are selling well so far i have done 2 good markets, and starting to see my investment return the money, a long way to go though, b4 i get my money back and start making a profit. i went and picked up some more stock today, so my shed is getting very full. i have a permanent site at the big trash and treasure here in ballarat every Sunday, i have to leave here by 5am, that's the hard part as i like my sleep.

each post i will add a pic of the things in my life, here is the first one

well its 11.30 time to go to bed good night all julie

a pic of a dry stone wall paul made at gisborne many years ago,  this was taken recently as we went that way. tata

Monday, January 10, 2011

looks like i am back in the land of blogging. what have i done in the last 2 years, heaps and heaps but nothing specific comes to mind. lets talk about today, i got the house cleaning bug and washed the floor, what does hubby do, spill his beer on the floor.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Well he said the dog did it
Brock had his motorbike jump fixed up with a digger and tried to jump it today but it has been pouring rain and was too slippery, we will have to wait til the rain clears up for that.

I went to Queensland for 2 weeks to spend christmas with Dylan, it rained every day cept the day i came home, so no swimming in the sea for me, i did go in their pool a few times. i had hayfever all the time i was up there too. here is dylan, trav and shilo under the christmas tree just after santa did his business for the little kids Zenith and Lennox.

Just heard from some friends of ours on the phone we havnt seen for ages, off to have a chat.
thats all for today folks goodnight.... julie xoxo i'm feeling green today.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

its seems it has been years since i have been in here its now 2011

where have i been, i used to love blogging once upon a time, seems its has been 2 & a 1/2 years since i have been in here. loads has happened. i shall promise to catch up soon. julie

Thursday, October 30, 2008

hey i am still alive, just forgot about my blog too many other things to worry about
i am doing my debutante ball in 10 days.

i will be back