Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hey guys, sorry i have not been a very good blogger, smack smack......

ther have been so many things happening it is even hard for me to catch up on my life ATM, currently i am listening to Margaret Urlich after midnight. I have so much energy, hubby is asleep on the couch as usual. My son Dylan the personal trainer put me on a diet , seeing as i have been up to the gold coast to see him recently, and i am so full of energy, even after a few cans of VB i am still alive.. way to go Dylan.. I love you so much.

well see if i can remember what has been happening - well first off paul and myself went to the land of the banana benders for

man in the moon margaret urlich.........................

i love that song, sorry for the break, and between times the dogs got a muse in the kitchen.

a weekend of fishing and for, the first time we have been away together since we can ever remember either it is him and the kids and me stay home to look after the animals. anyway we went up there to go out deep sea fishing, and oh my it so awesome i have never been out in the open ocean b4 i need a new keyboard, this is shitting me to tears

the swell was at least 20 meters but i am not much of a judge of length or height etc, but when the boat lurched i could feel the water by just having my arm over the side  1 of the guys caught a dolphin fish, it was amazing the colors, just my colors, blues, purples. i cant share a piuc just yet cos brock broke my camera usb where it goes in the camera, just like he breaks everything else precious to me, those that know me will know this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway i am getting the music bug, sounds like i am about to get back to my own life, well lets see if i can, plz let me, i want to be released. from these shackles and  get back to me, it seems like it has been a long time since i have had me time, the 2 weeks i spent up qlkd on my own with dylan and alicia set me free.

oh and i went fishing every morning i could i have the fishing bug, i find it so relaxing, but busy as i am a busy person, cant sit still for a minute or two. i should be so skinny, ( I wish) thats enough blubber for tonight. thanks for reading,

unless the martians come take me away, you will hear from me again soon l will check u all out soon. xoxoxxo

i forgot to add a pic this is JETT, just after we got her, she is looking after the gun cabinet for us


Von said...

Thanks for the link. I sometimes veg out and sit blog hopping so might catch up again a bit further down the track. Hugs ... Von

vintageandart said...

Hi Julie,
You've been soooo busy it's a wonder you have time to blog at all. Well done!
l love your blog, it's funny stuff.
Love the doggie pic, although he looks a little threatening.....

unicornsjulie said...

thanks von and bron, i like to blog. i just ramble away to myself. nah, jet is a gentle giant she looks menacing to the burglars! its the jack russells that you have to watch out for?'their the snipers LOL