Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hope it stops raining on the gold coast

hi there, 2 days to go b4 we head to the gold coast to stay with Dylan and Alicia, so looking forward to it, we are going marlin fishing Sunday, just hoping it doesn't flood up there, they are 2 streets away from a canal and 2 streets from the sea. My cousin  Sylvia lives in Ipswich she says they will be fine  - fingers crossed for them.

It rained all day here, pissed me off no end. I can tell you. Smelly wet dogs, who want to sit under my chair and follow me around all day yuK. I had to put the clothes in the dryer, and will have to wash the floors again, muddy wet teenager size 11 feet and dog paws x 5 dogs equals 20 x about another 20 times they came inside, or missy opened the door and let them in. she's a cheeky girl hates to be away from mum for more than 2 seconds. the horses hid in the new shed we just put up, and one of them had a pooh down the side of the hilux LOL twas so funny.

for those of you who don't know i made a bit of an investment in some $2- shop stuff, i needed to either get a job or do something - so i chose the do something thing. i am doing markets with the goodies, i have craft, kitchen, car, pet toys, bird cages, ornaments, jewellery and findings, make-up, hair ties, beads etc etc. they are selling well so far i have done 2 good markets, and starting to see my investment return the money, a long way to go though, b4 i get my money back and start making a profit. i went and picked up some more stock today, so my shed is getting very full. i have a permanent site at the big trash and treasure here in ballarat every Sunday, i have to leave here by 5am, that's the hard part as i like my sleep.

each post i will add a pic of the things in my life, here is the first one

well its 11.30 time to go to bed good night all julie

a pic of a dry stone wall paul made at gisborne many years ago,  this was taken recently as we went that way. tata


vintageandart said...

Hi Julie,
Just wanted to welcome you back to the land of blog, it's a fun place to be. Looks like the rain has stopped up there so hopefully you're catching plenty of BIG fish.

Von said...

I LOVE stone and so does Phil. By the time I decided I wanted to learn to make things myself, I no longer had the strength to lift the jolly things. Phil has obliged a few times by crystallising a few of my designs for me and he is good at it too.

unicornsjulie said...

Von, paul is a stonemason, this fence was built years ago along a highway in melbourne it is on both sides about 1km each side. i have some other pix of his work perhaps i should share them with yu all so you can what he has done. he doesnt do so much any more, its not good for his back.