Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Emily said...

About time you updated isn't it? lol

vintageandart said...

sstrength1hi Julie,
Welcome back to the land of blog. l love your writing and l love the way you just tell it like it is.It's wonderful to read such honesty. Also you are very funny.
l can certainly relate to the running around 5 minutes before hubby gets home to let him know we don't just bum around all day.LOL.
If yoy keep up with your blog you definately have a reader here.

unicornsjulie said...

yes emily, i have been Mia as usual. good to see you again, only 8 months to go. woohoo. xoxoxo

unicornsjulie said...

Bron, thank you for the comments, i have missed my friends in here, thanks for getting me back blogging again. i will keep up with my blog. i have really missed it. Girls I met Bron at the market, and we got talking you should have a look at her blog too it is wonderful. see you all soon julie xoxoxox