Wednesday, February 06, 2008

thanx to Emily

Ok I have been bad and Emily gave me a stir up. So what has been happening in my life well, nothing really, here are some pix of my recent ATC's i have made

months of the year 2008

old fashioned valentine


newsprint travel collage

i still have more to load on, but give me time, i can't make and tale pix at the same time. i am working on spiders atm, .

apart from that, well a big limb came down and smashed my shade house to smithereens. I had 4 baby ferrets, sold 2 already. Dylan's mate had a car crash and is in hospital in Melbourne. Gareth had someone smash his windscreen with a rock, so I have no car or ute for a few days til we get a new one. Brock hates going to school I am having so much trouble getting him out of bed. Paul is getting better after his slight stroke. He had another episode at work the other day, so has decided to give up drinking - NEVER HAPPEN???????????? The male sheep are in the freezer, yum. We had a bat inside the other morning, don't know how it got in but it found its way out the front door.
Oh! we went to Troy's art show in Melbourne a few months back
here is a painting of his. Hubby thinks it is him

I finally have my wedding and engagement rings fixed and on my hand, on the right of course!! I had to have them cut off my ring finger in 1996, that is how long it has been since i wore them THANX MUM.

that's about it, when i think of more i will update again. bye bye


Emily said...

i see you go the hint lol
Your atc's are beautiful, i especial like the valentine one and the last one.
That painting is awesome too, i love that kind of stuff.

Erika said...

I love the pirate ATC it looks fantastic.
Looking at your work always inspires me to do more ATC's. lol

Von said...

Julie, I love your ATC's especially the months of the year.