Monday, March 31, 2008

31st of march

this layout was for a number challenge on purplescraps I got ink pink and Stitching. The ribbon on the border is sewn on with the sewing machine. no tape

this challenge was looking through a window. this is the view from my craft room to outside with the 2 outer images from the kitchen window.

this challenge was you had to use 5 ribbons. i sewed them all on again with the sewing machine. this is my dog Micky, she is a girl and the best rabbit hunter i have ever had

this is a handsome couple - i wonder who they are???????????? Black and white Challenge from a sketch.
Gee how did i get to the end of March?? who knows. My Birthday has come and gone. I had a good day with my Mummy, we went to an Antique fair. And had a lovely meal at the pub.

I got a dishwasher today, wow i don't know what i did before i had one - oh yes i did, the sink kept filling up with useless dirty dishes that's right.
and the maid was too slack to come in and wash them.!!!!!!!

that's all folks, see you next time.


booklady said...

Julie that wedding photo is amazing. You look so ...young! LOl
I love the Jack Russell, they are famous for rabbit hunting.
You are so creative I'm jealous.

Emily said...

i got one word for ya..
its been 3 months lol