Thursday, February 28, 2008

Interesting Question

I got asked this question this morning, just thought i might share it with you

Gosh Julie. I have two rubber stamps. Not Negotiable and a revolving date stamp. I think yours is incredible. How do you find time to do quilting etc along with all of your other activities.??

and this was my answer

well I just make the time, who cares if you can't see thru the windows, the dirty dishes are getting higher, the washing smells, the dogs look hungry, can't see the floor thru dirt, and everyone has to make their own meals. ?? Just fit it all in when I can, I don't work, I have my own craft room, don't really care for talking gossip with the backstabbers, and like to keep to myself.. And of course love the Internet. Well that is just my life, hubby is good to me, as long as I have spent 5 minutes tidying up just before he gets home from work. Then all is fine.?? No seriously I just enjoy creating. I have a few thousand stamps I get them all cheap from ebay. I do the junk shops, and sales and bargain bins. Rarely ever pay full price for anything.
I just do it, probably like someone like yourself playing golf, you just make the time to do what pleases us.

so have a great day peoples

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geraldine said...

Love your way of thinking Julie....