Thursday, January 25, 2007

A little bit of this and a little bit of that from me to you.

Mice had better go somewhere else - they're not welcome here.
Bad manners such as open-mouthed eating and slurping better be left outside our front door.
I am a passionate gardener and I do not have Coriander in my garden.YUK!!!
Cancer is a big "C" word.
Sign says - No balls to be thrown in this house.
Please take you shoes off at our door.
3 channels never turned on by me are, The Simpson's, Family Guy and the whole of the Comedy Channel.
In case of an accident, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.
Don't let me catch anyone abusing animals.
Wake this person out of a deep sleep at your own peril.
Paedophiles and other sex offenders - I cannot say how loathsome you are.
Only workers and honest borrowers live here.
Noisy people, BE GONE!!! when I'm watching Lost or McLeod's Daughters.
Bad music is definitely not for me.
Bundy Rum is not to my taste.YUK!!!YUK!!!YUK!!!
How upsetting that some dogs kill cats. NOT for me, I'm afraid.
Too many dying on the roads, makes me want to miss Easter.

I love purple.
I love cats. I had 24 once?
I love horses.
I love Pasta.
I love Mexican food. Yummy.
I love Robbie Williams and REM. And Madonna.
I love my husband and my kids, and extended kids.
I love to play pool.
I love beer and bourbon.
I love Christmas.
I love my bed. I could sleep all day.
I love to shop.
I love a good cleanout and throwing things away.
I believe in the supernatural.
I believe in ghosts, have seen a few.
I believe in power of the mind.
I read tarot cards.
I love to read a good book.
My favorite TV show is LOST.
My favorite food is toasted cheese sandwiches in the press.
I love plenty of salt.
I love the internet.
I love to sew.
I love to quilt.
I love to scrap.
I would love to ride horses again.
I wish I was still 20, I would have changed heaps of things.
I am scared of dying

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