Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why not Blog?

Well I have done it this is blog no. 2. I have another 1 you know.
I am going to try to have a real go at blogging, in here, I know and others do too that I can ramble on, so here goes. For my first post I will say I have enjoyed reading other peoples blogs for about 2 years or so now, and never really had a go at my own. I have come across some funny, some sad, some totally enthrawling and some downright boring. So lets hope I can get somewhere in the middle.
This is what my 18 year old son did to his 2002 Ford Courier Diesel ute on the 20th November 2006. He had driven the long drive from where we live 3 hours from Melbourne to take me to hospital to have my finger removed. On the way home he was going along the road changing speed limits as you do from the 60km to the 80km to the hundred km coming out of a country town. The car in front with 6 people in it slowed down to a near stop with no tail lights and Dylan had no where to go but slam on the breaks and go off the road into a light pole and through a fence and end up upside down. He was not injured, only bruising from the seat belt. he spent the night in the Geelong Hospital. That was the Monday, he came to visit me in the Melbourne hospital first thing Wednesday morning, and showed me this picture below, or above wherever it ended up/ and said mum this is my car????????? well I never believed him at first. And yes it was. He did not want anyone to tell me he wanted to tell me himself. I had spoken to many people that knew in the previous days and no-one said a thing. What a good boy he was to do that. He knew I would have discharged myself and gone to him.

So that is story no. 1 for now. I will be back again soon. Thanks for looking. Julie

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Emily said...

Welcome to blogland Julie :)