Monday, February 26, 2007

Confession time, I have not blogged for 26 days.

Hi there, I did a sewing class the other week, this is the completed project. We started with painting the calico with acrylic paint them got some scrap fabric, cut it all up then sewed it on with the sewing machine, i did it freeform with feeddogs down and foot up with invisible thread, then ironed it to melt the thread. I really love doing this"outside the square" type of sewing.
So look forward to seeing some more of this from me. i have done a lot of fantasy thread stuff in the past, I will load those pics on later. I hope to get this in an exhibition coming up soon.
Some of my work has been in a local exhibition last year. This will be a regular thing for our region. I want to do more things for next time. Just let the imagination run wild and free. I usually like to make one off things. But with this i can see myself making more. It was so much fun to do.
So, thanks for looking and have a great day. Julie

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ChelleBB said...

Love it Julie, so colourful, so you! Well done, xx Chelle