Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This is a bag I made from sewing braid together as an experiment, it took a long time to sew. And was quite hard to do.

this one is scrap material I had with ric rac braid and trims sewn on top

This is s a ribbon pillow, some of my friends have some of these

and this is a slashed pillow of bright frogs I made as a trial to see if i could do it, and I did. It has 4 layers of fabric and slash the 3 top layers. I had fun doing this one.

this is a cross stitch I did years ago, and I made the outside with fabric, paper and braid all sewn together. The cross stitch took quite a long time to do, and sat around for years before I framed it. The cross stitch part is actually raised with wadding in behind.


ChelleBB said...

Julie, love them all, your so damn clever.. I think I should come visit so you can give me private lessons, what you think? LOL


ChelleBB said...

Opps, forgot to say, I lost my ribbon pillow you made for me, Larissa stole it cause it goes so well with hers she says!! How rude is she? They are excellent though.. I get visiting rights!! ROF

xx Chelle

Em said...

Looking great Julie!
Too clever!
The only time i use my sewing machine now is when i scrap or to sew the crotch back into hubbys boxer shorts! LOL

ChelleBB said...

Happy birthday dearest Friend!! Hope your spoiled rotten and get lots of goodies!! ((HUGS))

ChelleBB said...

Hope you have a WONDERFUL, HAPPY & HOPPY, SAFE Easter Weekend! xx Chelle

ChelleBB said...

Hey Julie,

Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow - and are totally spoiled.

xx Chelle