Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well here I am twice in 2 days, gee. What am I going to talk about. well yesterday I went to mum's farm for the day to help Dylan sort some sheep. Talked to mum a bit about nothing really, then had Macca's on the way home, I got to drive Dylan's new Nissan Navara twin cab ute, wow how great it was to drive a brand new car. never had much of an opportunity before. Easy to drive, high up so you can see heaps of idiots way up front. I had the trailer on too with the four wheel drive motorbike. Was way COOL for me.
Today I bummed around did some groups stuff, talked to anyone who wanted to listen. Gotta get bum in gear and work out something for a scrap swap, (sewing a tag) Is what I think I will do, a large tag though. Must do some samples, and take some pics.
I made another frame for one of my x stitch I did a few years back. Looks cool, take the pic's in the light tomorrow and post them then.
I had started to frame another one and realized i hadn't finished it, so better do that first.
I painted a frame to put my Wizard in.
Bummed around some more. Dawn up the road came for a visit and I had her in stitches laughing so hard she cried. What else, cooked tea, had a cuppa, talked some more, had a bath. now I am here.
Ebayed a little, ordered some scrap supplies and bummed some more. No pressure here to get anything done.
Ziggy bit my new puppy Trooper on the face and she screamed and would not open her eyes for about 5 minutes, then ran away and hid from me, I think she thought I did it to her. She loves me again now.
Shang got into the chook pellets and made a mess in the shed as usual the fat pig. (horse)

Til got her tattoo of a horse shoe with a rose on her foot, looks great. Got me going again. I know what I want now a snake on my laft armband with his head up.

I like color do YOU????????
I love Robbie too.
alright Good night.


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