Saturday, June 09, 2007

Look away if you are a bit queezy.

Hi there,
Below are the pictures my son has been logging of my leg. I am sure he will take more pics tomorrow. The bruising starts at my thigh and goes down to my toes, and the swelling and fluid is so painful at times, I can hardly work. Good news no broken bones, just the hematoma on my shin.
Apart from that I have been fine, been doing a lot of craft work, decorated some boxes, made a small book I will do some pics for you to see.
have a good evening and thanks for looking.

All my love Julie


Robyn said...

OMG Julie this is absolutely dreadful. you poor thing. I feel so sorry for you. I am squirming around in my seat feeling your pain. Sending big(((((((hugs))))))))

CaBaCuRl said...

Jules, your leg looks so painful, you poor thing, but it's us active women who these things happen to.I had a really similar thing happen to me, but it was a motor bike in a back paddock rather than a horse ;) You'll need to be patient with your recovery.A good excuse to make ATCs! Hugzzzzz

kathy pitt said...

wow, it is amazing that your leg didnt break , that is some freaking huge bruise girl!! I wouldnt be moving for days. I hope it recovers soon!