Thursday, June 21, 2007

mmmmmmm................... waffle

Good Morning every one, I am up bright and early today, been awake since 5. Lots of things on my mind.
I am making 40 or so cards for Margaret's card group, to send out to each member, nearly finished then. I like my new invented technique. Monocromatic sayings stamped all over each card. I really enjoyed doing these. With my chalk inks, why use anything else. i have to say they are my favorite inks. I have been collecting saying stamps for ages now, still looking for more.
Karen is getting married tomorrow, Chantelle's mum, the twins will be in purple and Karen in cream. I am doing the flowers for them all. My laundry smells like a florist atm. Should be a great day, if the weather holds out for us. So far the forecast is pretty good. The sun is shining here but bitterly cold close to the antartica end of the world.
My leg is sort of doing OK. It has opened up on my shin, and started to bleed a bit, the gash is very deep, I am going to have a beaut scar.
No more news for today, will catch up with some pictures on Sunday of all the things I have been doing.
So have a great day and keep smiling. Julie

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