Saturday, June 09, 2007

Horse dramas

Hi there, I have been so slack I am not a very good blogger am I.
here is an up date on what has happened, 2 weeks ago i was kicked by my horse Tess.She was feeling unwell, so I did what the vet would have done and checked her out, i felt her stomach and she had a lump under there, and whacko, smacko, she kicked me in the thigh then ran her hoof down the front of my shin. here are some pics, watch out they are a bit gorey.
What appears to be a cut on my shin, has not opened, that was how it happened. It is the size of a cricket ball cut in half and the other half feels like it is inside my leg. 2 weeks later the color is still the same.
Hematoma is what the doctor told me i had.
Thanks for looking and I will keep you all updated I promise. Julie

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