Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This one is Mathew's his other son about 5 or so. The butterflies are ironed on with edging in rik rak and I have done some embroidering with the sewing machine and by hand.
This one is for his son Daniel he is about 8 I think. I loved the fun in this one. I used lots of rik rak, and ribbons and sewed some buttons over the fantasy thread panels in the middle. Fantasy threads are all sorts of things like fibres, ribbon, cotton, left over fabric and then sewn over with invisible thread, with the feed dogs down. I enjoy making these different things.
This quilt top is for Rohan for his 50th Birthday 3 months ago. Looks hard but I found it quite easy just triangles made into squares. Ro is my best friend Karen's lovely husband. We are going out together on the 20th September to see Steely Dan in Melbourne. Can't wait. We have always had the same taste in music, Karen is more the real older type 50's and 60's.
Sorry I have put these on back the front, don't know how to change it.

I enjoy making quilts for other people and giving them away. I have made quilts for my kids. Brock's is folded up in the cupboard. Mine is on my bed.

I love working with bright colors.

Any way thanks for looking and talk soon. all the best Julie

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Joolz said...

Julie, I love these quilts especially the one for Rohan.You are so clever!
The puppies are so adorable.