Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The three quilts are just the tops, I haven't got around to making the sandwich yet and sewing them together. I take things at my own pace, but I have til the 20th September to have the 3 of them finished. Mind you the tops have been finished for a few months now, nothing like rushing is there??
I have another one made too, for my niece. I should get them all done and out of the way so I can start on some more. My oldest son wants one made from fake fur, in animal fabric, i have it all there just need the motivation to do it. Not too sure how it will sew up as it is varying thickness's. I might just do it in squares, not sure yet. This one is a challenge.
OK bye for now and have a great day.
BTW Thank you everyone who has left comments for me.


CaBaCuRl said...

Hi Julie, your quilts are gorgeous. I especially liked Rohan's! Also checked out your altered art in your Webshots folder...I LOVED Sarah's book. (Jude from ATCoZ)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff on here Julie! What a clever girl you are,
Michelle from ATCoZ