Tuesday, August 14, 2007

update on my leg

well i still have a lump on my shin the doctor says it could take 12 months to completely go away, i have no pain anymore. Very lucky to not have broken my leg, I have a knee replacement on that leg, well both legs really, so lucky it didn't displace. I can walk Ok on it and all is well, the scabby bit has not healed properly yet, that should clear as the lump goes down., or so the quack says.
Oh and Dylan the 18yo has moved out of home, well the shed., and split up with his girlfriend, i still see her as we were good mates.Life has changed a bit around here, now I just have Brock to look after, well he looks after himself being 13 and going on 30 and all.

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CaBaCuRl said...

Hi Julie, I've enjoyed looking at your ATCs here, but NOT at your leg!OMG, you poor thing!Yes it will take ages to heal, all that internal damage.(I speak from experience here)