Monday, February 25, 2008

The Cooking bug

well, my mum nearly fell off her chair when i told her i made plum jam - I will let you in on a secret

I haven't had the cooking bug for about 8-10 years now. See my husband is one of those that likes the woman chained to the sink - don't tell him i said that?? So of course I rebelled??

One day the gas bottle ran out on the stove, so that was the end of my cooking days, gas bottles are about $100. for some reason, not sure what - we never got around to getting a gas bottle for about 3 years. i cooked on a portable electric hotplate and the top of the coonarra for those years. So my passion for cooking was left by the wayside. I always wanted an electric stove, and last Christmas, a year ago my 19yo son bought me an electric stove - took about 6 months and $500 to get it installed. the first thing i did was cook lasagne, and went out for a bit come back to spilling lasgne all over the bottom of the stove, not quite sure why it didn't burn the house down? and it damaged the enamel on the bottom of the oven.

Any, just recently a couple of weeks back I git given a beautiful bag of black plums, so what do you do with a bag of soggy plums from sitting in the sun in the car all day? well, i had never made jam before, so i made up my own recipe, put the plums in, cover with sugar add a little water and some freh lemon juice, and a couple of hours later we have plum soup.? and an hour more to pick out the pips and the skins well that's what it turned out to be. jamsetter my friends tell me is the thing to buy. But it is nice anyway. So I ventured onto the bag of nectarines, chucked them in the sale way. spent more time picking out the pips and the skin. but anyway they were nice heated up with icecream.

Then I my 19yo son again gave me a bread maker for last christmas - giving me the hint i think. so i bought the breadmix, yeast, bread improver and ventured even further into why i stopped doing this cooking things years back? well, they told me the chooks will like it? Nice while it is hot or just warm, but no good the next day. I am trying to improve the fine art of breadmaking, might have to google it?

T'was other son's birthday yesterday, i didn't have the ingredients to make a cake so I made him damper the first time i even ventured into damper, gee i'm getting good he loved it.
Flo Bjelke helped me cook a terrible batch of toffees, so we threw them out and Margaret Fulton helped me make a JAW BREAKER batch of bright red toffee. I had just finished making them and hubby comes in and says I am the expert toffee maker - see he used to make it for his younger siblings and his children when they were young (before me). So anyway I passed the task with a big tick.

I have been busy making Atc's cards, and a bit of scrapbooking, lately i went to a class last friday and found this brilliant cards stock with squares punched out - the easy way to make a mosaic. I have been experimenting, not showing you yet til i have mastered the art OK.

That will do for today - I have got more to brag about but, better get some of the housework done - well maybe NOT.

See you asll in my next installment of my life

Have a terrific Monday

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