Monday, January 10, 2011

looks like i am back in the land of blogging. what have i done in the last 2 years, heaps and heaps but nothing specific comes to mind. lets talk about today, i got the house cleaning bug and washed the floor, what does hubby do, spill his beer on the floor.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Well he said the dog did it
Brock had his motorbike jump fixed up with a digger and tried to jump it today but it has been pouring rain and was too slippery, we will have to wait til the rain clears up for that.

I went to Queensland for 2 weeks to spend christmas with Dylan, it rained every day cept the day i came home, so no swimming in the sea for me, i did go in their pool a few times. i had hayfever all the time i was up there too. here is dylan, trav and shilo under the christmas tree just after santa did his business for the little kids Zenith and Lennox.

Just heard from some friends of ours on the phone we havnt seen for ages, off to have a chat.
thats all for today folks goodnight.... julie xoxo i'm feeling green today.


Liz said...

Lovely to see you back again Julie and to follow your life happenings...grin. Take care

unicornsjulie said...

thank you liz, looking forward to seeing your blog - no pressure now. LOL