Saturday, January 29, 2011

might just post a quick blog - funny word that blog?????

might just post a quick blog - funny word that blog????? dont know what it means i may have to google it, and you know what google means - it means infinity, there is no bigger number than a google, well thats what hubby tells me, and he thinks he know everything>>>>>>>>>

i am on a diet, so far it is working well, no pasta, potatoes, bread  and no high carb food. but it makes for tasteless eating, so i just pigged out on easy mac, while no one is home. LOL they wont know.

what can i jabber on about, i dont know so i will post a pic for you to see

this is me stuck in the mud last year in the enfield forest i was dared to go through it and we got stuck and had to get towed out, the mud just sucked me in, but it was fun up to our knees with mud. this was the day we nearly cleaned up some motorbike riders on the crest of a hill! they were hammering up the other side of the track, we could hear them but they couldn't hear us coming. could have killed them all, and as it turned out we knew them all. hubby says i should have been a man? cos i love driving and 4wdriving, shooting, golf, and fishing, and cars and all boy things. i can fix fences, drive anything, i have my semi license, bet you didnt know that? i have my chainsaw and gun licenses too. and i like beer..... i loathe cooking and housework, love dogs and horses.

my enter key is not working, looks like a another new keyboard is needed.

Brock has 7 stitches in his foot he stepped on a piece of tin the other night A 1.30am trip to the hospital, he was with friends so they took him. i am taking him to the doc on Monday cos he cant move his big toe. first time he had had stitches in his life, never had a broken bone either, touch wood he doesn't. after all the motor biks and paddock bomb stacks he has had its a wonder nothing has been broken, i have taken him to emergency on many occasions since he was 7 and taught himself to drive in a mini bus with the seat pulled forward and a manual gearbox. !! he has had so many motor bikes over the years i have lost count i must go out the shed and count them, i reckon there would be 15 or more out there in bits n pieces. from 4 wheelers i know there is 3 of them, to pocket bikes to 250,s they are everywhere we have 4 sheds and there are bits of them all in each one. anyway i might be off see  you all again soon xoxoxoxoxo


vintageandart said...

Hi Julie,
Well with all your interests you must never be bored. Dig the pic of the 4x4 in the mud. little joke.
Beer!! great on a hot day yeh.

Anonymous said...

thanks bron, i do have time to get bored. believe me, i like to be on the go, but somedays i just cant be bothered. the 4b was really stuck in the mud. goodnight julie

Von said...

Well over a year has gone since you posted but I enjoyed what I've read. Learnt some new things about you which made me smile...thanks xx
Hope you are well and the new addition is a joy.